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Christian Spirituality

This article deals with three aspects of Christian spirituality: nature of Christian spirituality, developing spirituality, and reflecting spirituality in life.

Spirituality and Human Existence

A definition of spirituality emerges from an understanding of the nature of the whole person. A table, illustrating the nature of the human person, shows the integrated and complex nature of the human being. Spirituality deals with the spiritual dimension of existence and life.


A Broader View of Spirituality

This short article gives a broad-based definition and perspective of spirituality, showing what spirituality encompasses.


Definitions and Descriptions of Spirituality

Eight definitions of spirituality are presented. The focus of each definition is also described.


Reaching One's Potential

Spirituality has to do with becoming a person in the fullest sense.  This involves self-transcendence. “In other words”, writes Main, “each of us is summoned to an unlimited, infinite, development as we leave the narrowness of our own ego behind, and enter into the mystery of God.” It means coming to the fullness of being, the fullness of God himself, as the apostle Paul explains.


Authentic Christian Spirituality

All authentic Christian spirituality is by its nature Trinitarian. The doctrine of the Trinity, with its far-reaching practical implications, constitutes the heart and soul of Christian spirituality. This article presents fifteen principles of contemporary Trinitarian spirituality.


What Is Christian Spirituality?

This article first defines Christian spirituality, and then covers ten aspects of Christian spirituality.


Three Elements of Spirituality

Three components or elements of spirituality include: (1) the transcendent, (2) the personal, and (3) the immanent. These three elements are reflected in the Trinity.


Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

What is the difference is between spirituality and religion? Is there a need for a community, such as a religion?


Community Dimensions of Christian Spirituality

Ten points of the community aspect of Christian spirituality are presented.


The Cycle of Spirituality

Spirituality is not a singular activity, but an integration of different activities, spread out over a shorter or longer period. Theologian David Ranson suggests that spirituality involves four stages of a cycle: attending, inquiring, interpreting, and acting.


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