This article is a response to the statement below and includes implications for a liturgical spirituality:   


"Being one with God is the primary goal of all spirituality. Sacramental Eucharist is part of spirituality; but spirituality reaches deep into the Eucharist of the world and the Eucharist of our heart and conscience.  


 â€¦the book of Creation is not a priestly book; the book of the gospels is not a priestly book; the book of one’s experience is not a priestly book. We are first and foremost human beings, and these are all human books. We are also Christians, and from our Christian standpoint we can be nourished by these three books. We are sacramental and Eucharistic, but we are also part of the book of Creation itself, living day by day as we listen to the word of God, and spending moments of aloneness in our heart. In and through all of this, God can be united to us and we to God: this unitive way is the goal of all spirituality."


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Source: Broken Bay Institute, LS511 Liturgical Spirituality: Study Guide (Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia: The Broken Bay Institute, 2009) 13.





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