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If I had to identify just one factor that had the greatest potential to create lasting health, healing, and happiness it would have to be self-acceptance


Self-acceptance is the inner acceptance of who and what you are, just as you are. When you unconditionally accept yourself, you see yourself and all the different aspects of yourself – thoughts, feelings, images, behaviours, appearance, and life situation – clearly, with a welcoming attitude of non-judgement and non-attachment.  


What is beautiful about relating to ourselves in this way is that a freedom and joy starts to arise spontaneously and from this we begin to see new possibilities. Rather than being stimulated by fear and rejection of yourself, these thoughts come from a place of love and acceptance


Self-acceptance is critically important. It is intrinsically connected to one’s level of fulfilment, happiness, and peace of mind. People with a high level of self-acceptance: 


·    Are present, awake, and aware in the moment. 

·    Experience a deep connection to life, God, or spirit. 

·    Are able to express joy and freedom in most circumstances. 

·    Are more likely to treat other people with respect, care, and kindness. 

·    Feel healthier, happier, and more at peace. 

·    Experience a deep gratitude and reverence for life. 

·    Are much less likely to have depression or mental health problems. 

·    Are less likely to experience addictions or have problems with friendships and relationships. 


Self-acceptance doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, developing it requires a lot of patience and consistency. But, it is the most deeply rewarding work you can do if you are truly committed to your health, healing, and happiness.




Source: Mark Atkinson, Holistic Health Secrets for Women: Discover Your Unique Path to Health, Healing, and Happiness (London: Piatkus Books, 2009), 113-116.



Photo credit: Intellimon Ltd. 


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