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This section includes the following subjects, some directly related to Christian spirituality, others providing theological background. The material is taken from post-graduate study for two Masters degrees specializing in Christian spirituality.

Mission of the Church

Christian Education

In addition, the website Pathway to Life has Bible teachings, and principles for practical spirituality, on a variety of topics. Written in a question and answer format, each response is backed up by scripture references.

The website answers many of the basic questions that arise in the hearts and minds of those drawn to the reality of the Christian life and spirituality -- a pathway to life.

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Deals with the prayer of the heart, or meditation, and includes quotes from a variety of spiritual writers.
Seeks to capture what is true and beautiful. With the aim to help website visitors to appreciate the nature of reality, the site deals with practical and spiritual aspects of life. It also includes nature images as well as heart-warming stories.
Features the theme of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, the sacred in the daily, and the special in the routine. Shows how the world around us, upon deeper looking, reflects spiritual realities.
Presents the essential Christian message under 36 biblical topics in Q & A style. Supporting scriptures are given throughout.


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