PSALMS 44 AND 104:

A Reflection of the Human Condition and the Faith of Israel 



Psalm 44 (A Lament) 



Elements of the Human Condition



Faith Response of Israelites 


• God’s apparent aloofness or absence


• Covenantal faithfulness and obedience



• The testing of faith


• Waiting on God



• Inexplicable suffering of the righteous



• Appeal to the steadfast love of God


• Sin and suffering


• A righteousness from God



Psalm 104 (A Hymn) 



Elements of the Human Condition



Faith Response of Israelites 


• Creation being absolutely

dependent on God


• Continual praise and consciousness

of dependence on God



• God’s ample provision for daily needs


• Adoring acknowledgment of God’s self-revelation



• Problem of wickedness


• Hope of the final consummation


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