Spirituality relates to one’s personal experience and one's relationship with the Divine.


Spirituality goes deep into the heart of every matter and extends beyond the physical world of existence. It brings one in touch with the great eternal nature of life. Spirituality involves an awareness of a profoundly powerful and divine force that is present in this universe and in humans. As stated, spirituality reaches beyond the boundaries of the physical world. Due to its ineffable characteristics, the nature of spirituality is at times difficult to describe in ordinary, everyday terms. 


One of the main elements of spirituality is self-knowledge. From exploring the self, one moves into a deeper spiritual view of who one genuinely is. And, as one’s personal spiritual understanding increases, every aspect of life is affected. Self-knowledge also inevitably results in soul-searching questions such as: “Why am I here on this earth? What am I supposed to do? Where am I ultimately going?”


An awareness of spirituality arises when a person begins to: 


• Make their relationship with the Divine more important than their relationships with this world. 


• Recognize their true inheritance and divine birthright as a valuable human being. 


• Achieve an ability to see the spiritual even in the ordinary. 


• Stay aware of the divine nature of life as they move through events and experiences with faith, optimism, and an unfettered heart. 


• Remember that there is infinitely more to themselves and everything else than can be known by their mind and senses. 


• Experience a higher universal love and respect for all, instead of only feeling connected with certain people. 


• Be conscious of the subtle power of grace that pulsates behind the physical appearance of their life. 


Source: Adapted from Sharon Janis (aka Kumuda), Spirituality for Dummies, 2d ed. (Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2008), 12, 19-20.


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