Bible with Beads 

A framework for spirituality, to be further developed, is offered as follows: 




A Path Toward Light, Life, and Love 



1. Our Father 

in heaven,  

hallowed be  

your name. 


  1. Becoming still before God – through prayer, meditation, and contemplation 
  2. Heaven understood as being in God’s presence – a dimension of life, light, and love 
  3. Praise to God 



2. Your  




  1. Admitting one is powerless and life is unmanageable – and making a decision to turn one’s life and will over to the care of God 
  2. Inviting God’s indwelling – Rev. 3:20 – and asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit in one’s heart  
  3. Beginning to witness to a new way of life – seeking to share the good news with others 



3. Your will  

be done  

on earth 

as it is  

in heaven. 


  1. Continued surrender of the self (one’s ego) – submission to God and dying to the self, as well as accepting suffering  
  2. Continued purification – making searching and fearless moral inventory of oneself, as well as admitting to God and to oneself the exact nature of one’s wrongs 
  3. Union with God – having the one intention of doing God’s will  



4. Give us  

today our  

daily bread.  


  1. Christ is the “bread of life” – John 6:48 
  2. “Today” – living in the present 
  3. Mindfulness practice 



5. Forgive us  

our debts,  

as we also  

have forgiven  

our debtors.  


  1. Acceptance – unconditional accepting of oneself and others 
  2. Forgiveness – of oneself and others 
  3. Being willing to make amends to people one has harmed – and doing so wherever possible 




6. And lead us

not into temptation,  

but deliver  

us from the evil one.  



  1. Lectio divina – reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation – seeking to improve one’s conscious contact with God 
  2. Praying for the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry it out 
  3. Endurance – keeping on the path; staying the course 



7. For yours is  the kingdom  

and the power 

and the glory  

forever. Amen. 



  1. Praise to God  
  2. Thanksgiving to God 
  3. Finding and expressing gratitude in life 





Photo credit: Intellimon Ltd. 



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